40 year old husband and father of three with an entrepreneurial streak. I am an Australian living in the SF Bay Area which comes a close second to Sydney as the best place in the world to live. (beaches make the difference)

I am passionate about many things including the environment, politics and the startup world and am not known to shy away from a heated discussion, as a tip don’t mix me+redwine+politics unless you are prepared for the outcome.

I am without doubt a “mac”, my daily ride is a scooter, I drink soy latte’s and therefore I am obviously politically more left than right.  Why? Well I dislike disingenuousness which exists in plague proportions in the right wing, I believe that in some cases it is better for the government to run things and I am amazed that otherwise intelligent people cannot comprehend the fact that mankind is causing climate change.

Countering that I have been a CEO of growth stage companies for the past 11 years, I like market based solutions, keeping regulations in control and making government account for its operations and size.

So I will randomly update this blog with a confusing variety of topics, if anyone ever reads this, thanks for coming and I hope you enjoyed it…